Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day

This year, my family gathered for another wonderful Christmas. It is such a special holiday for us as we celebrate the birth of Christ. On Christmas morning all of my children were home early for breakfast – what a blessing to be together again! Then we spent the day visiting first with Al's mother and then with mine. It was a very special day with the family as we reminisced on Christmases past and made memories to cherish for Christmases to come.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Celebrating Christmas with the Studio

Yesterday everyone from the studio gathered at my home for a Christmas party. We all had a wonderful time together sharing laughter and conversation. Vicki's husband was kind enough to prepare a fabulous lunch for us – he is a wonderful chef! After lunch we spent some time walking around the farm… Jeannie even brought a pumpkin for the pigs. They were so funny to watch as they rolled it around and finally dug in! Then we gathered back in the house for our traditional gift exchange which is always fun. I was thrilled to receive a bird feeder and a birdbath from everyone. I have a perfect place for them, where I can view the birds as they feed and play every morning. It was good to celebrate the blessings we have each received over the past year.


Friday, December 14, 2007

5th Graders Visit the Studio

This year at the studio we have been hosting field trips from our local elementary school, Winget Park. In total there are seven classes of fifth graders that will come to tour the studio and learn more about how art is used commercially. It is so much fun to show them around and share my passion for art that started long before I was even a fifth grader! One goal is to expand their awareness of how art affects their everyday lives. It is a delight to see the excitement in the children when we show them our process from drawing and painting to designing products on the computers. We have met numerous aspiring artists as well! It is wonderful to share art with children and I have been inspired by their curiosity and boundless imaginations. I'm excited about the next three groups that will be coming to visit in the new year!


Friday, December 7, 2007

A Christmas Cake

Today at the studio we had a visit from our friend Po who owns one of my favorite restaurants in our neighborhood, Lui Lui's. It is always a wonderful treat when the studio orders lunch from there, as we often do, and Po has become a dear friend over the past several years. She is always sharing wonderful things with us beyond her Chinese cuisine, like the lovely orchid she brought the studio this fall. Today she brought a delicious cake for the holidays. It was absolutely gorgeous, so I wanted to share a picture with you all. The butter cream icing wasn't so bad either! We all enjoyed it tremendously- what a special treat!   ~Susan

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Elfin' Around!

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It's Elf Time!