Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweet Nativities

Mary Beth was visiting her mother-in-law last weekend and they went to the 7th annual Nativity Display in Villa Maria, PA. There were almost 300 nativities on display... and guess what?? Ours was #108!

This figurine is a first edition of "Peace & Goodwill" by LANG. What an honor! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Decor

The Christmas season is here... time for decorations!! I'm happy to say my home and studio were decorated early this year, so we can enjoy the greenery, ribbons, and holiday glows all month long.

Around the studio, Beckie does all of the decorating. My favorite part is the tree that greets everyone as soon as they walk in. Beckie does such a beautiful job each year!

Beckie's son, Eric Ennis, is a talented designer here in Charlotte. Like mother, like son?? Eric does all kinds of home and commercial design, and has been celebrated this year for his fantastic holiday decor. This December his design of a holiday tablescape was featured on the cover of SouthPark Magazine!

We were fortunate to visit my cousin's beautiful home while Eric was decorating for the magazine shoot, and snapped a few more pictures for you to see...

My family was also very blessed this year to have Eric do some decorating on our farm!

I love, love, love this burlap bow!

Thank you, Eric! Your decorations are so beautiful. They will truly bless the gatherings of family and friends we enjoy in our home this Christmas!