Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sample Sale Extravaganza!

Last Saturday, we held a sample sale for charity in the studio parking lot - and it was a huge success! I want to emphasis the word HUGE - check out these pictures! Our parking lot was full and we had many visitors. Thank you to everyone who came by to shop and visit - it was wonderful to make new friends as well as see many familiar faces.

My husband Al, ran shuttles of visitors - here is my mother getting the first tractor ride of the day!

Our new friends who came all the way from Tennessee!


Sandy McClay said...

Oh dear.....next year I must fly to this sale! I live in Arizona but these photos are almost too much to look at, and know I can't get there!!!!! I hope it was wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Susan!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea and it is duly