Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Farmer's Market - New at Cracker Barrel!

Our studio went to lunch at Cracker Barrel today and like always, it was delicious! We also saw our latest Cracker Barrel collection "Farmer's Market" in the Old Country Store. This collection embraces one of my favorite summertime activities... going to the farmer's market to find wonderful, fresh fruits and vegetables. Visit your nearest Cracker Barrel to see more!


ruth said...

I just discovered the canvases and dessert plates at Cracker Barrel - I love them.

They have now joined the Rooster cannisters and the sunflower plates and some of the morning song line in my kitchen/family room.

Everyone loves them!

Ruby Hume said...

I just came back from the Cracker Barrel Store and they have nothing with the rooster. I'm looking for the rooster canister set. Where can I find them?

Ruby Hume said...

Where can I find the rooster canister set? My local Cracker Barrel in Gainesville Florida Store didn't have anything :(

Susan Winget said...

Hi Ruby, As these are no longer avaialbe in Cracker Barrel stores, your best bet may be resale websites like Ebay. All of our Cracker Barrel products are exclusive to their stores. All the best in your search!