Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our New Studio Shop at JoAnn's!!

 I could not be more excited to announce the premier of the Studio Shop located in all JoAnn's Craft and Fabric Stores across the country!! You can go into your local JoAnn's store and find everything such as our canvas art, metal roof bird houses, dinnerware, candles, dish towels and so much more! 

JoAnn Craft and Fabric stores are hosting a Susan Winget Canvas Giveaway where you can win the Poppy Canvas shown below. There will be a winner announced for EACH participating store on Saturday August 1st!

Make sure you register in your local store to win!

Not only can you find our products in each store, but you can purchase them ONLINE NOW! Here are some of the amazing finds from my local store!


Anonymous said...

I was just at our store Monday...They didn't have this. =( Maybe they will by this weekend!!! Congrats on this launch...Such beautiful creations! ~ Donna E.

Susan Winget said...

Hi Donna! Many of the stores will not have the shop set up until today. I hope you will be able to visit your store again soon!

Tobypiglet said...

I just love Susan Winget's designs; however, my favorites are the scenes she has done. Is there any chance that there will be some of her scenic designs? I have 2 of her prints right now and could always use more, love the stationery and that type of thing.

curlyrose49 said...

I love Susan Winget's everything :) Tomorrow I am going to JoAnn's!!!!!

Katherine Gibbons said...

Hello Susan...
Here in Calif., even their superstores I'm not always finding a large selection of your products.
Do you also retail direct or thru. Amazon?? Or Hobby Lobby would be GREAT!!
My main interest, is fabric......but so far I've only found (& used bountifully one specific Red Truck print.... Every time I get a 50% coupon I try to buy as much of your Red Truck as I can.
:'). Do you have a full product display on your site I've not yet found?
Thank you,
Katherine Gibbons