Monday, January 7, 2008

A Weekend Retreat

Bray's Island has become one of my family's favorite places for weekend getaways. It is a beautiful island plantation outside of Savannah where we can relax and enjoy the peaceful essence of this seemingly untouched nature preserve. This past weekend Al and I visited Bray's with our son, Mac, and his wife, Megan. We had a wonderful time together riding horses and taking in the scenery. We also went on a guided walk of the land with Bruce Lampright. Bruce is the naturalist that lives on the island and we have learned so many things about the habitat of the low country from him – everything from how to identify a gator slide to how bluebirds nest and many other interesting facts about the natural vegetation there. It truly is a special place that has inspired much of my recent nature's sketchbook artwork and I look forward to spending many more peaceful days there with family and friends.


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