Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Training Camp for Erin

My daughter Erin returned from training camp for The World Race this week. It was a camp to meet her fellow participants and to simulate some of the conditions and challenges they will face during their eleven-month missions pilgrimage across the globe. I was so worried for her to go because she had her wisdom teeth out just a few days before leaving. But, she recovered beautifully and there was no way she was going to miss her week of training!
Her excitement and dedication to the World Race has become even more apparent since she returned from the camp last week in Georgia. Erin returned dirty and tired but full of spirit. They simulated living conditions where you must bathe using a hose and do without many comforts of home, like toilets. It was a difficult week physically and spiritually as they were charged with many challenging tasks and ideas. For my husband Al and me, hearing her recount her experience really confirmed for us that she has been called into this race. It is difficult to think she will be away from home for almost a year but God has truly comforted us over the past few weeks and we are so proud of Erin as she takes this leap of faith.
To visit Erin’s blog and read about her experience at training camp, click here!

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