Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Erin's Wedding

At the end of last month, my daughter Erin got married! Below are a few pictures from the beautiful day. We had wonderful weather and Erin was such a happy bride. We are all excited to now have Jacob, and his entire family, as a new part of ours. The ceremony was held in the remains of an old church in Beaufort, SC. The church has a rich history as it was burned during the Revolutionary War, rebuilt, and then burned again as Sherman marched through the South during the Civil War. What is left are beautiful brick walls and pillars that open up into the sky. Above is the painting of the remaining church walls that I surprised Erin and Jacob with. I will carry the precious memories of their wedding day forever in my heart!



Susan - what a beautiful, glorious day. Your daughter is radiant and stunning - and the setting couldn't have been more spectacular. I wish ALL churches could be open to the sky like this one was. I'm sure God smiled on this day. Blessings to you all.

Susan Winget said...

Thank you, Beth! It was a glorious setting!