Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Beautiful Stampede

Every morning, I head out early to feed the horses. When the horses see me coming they race from the pasture to the barn because they know it is time to eat! The other morning as I was walking out there was a group of deer standing in the pasture between myself and the horses. They were beautiful! As always, once the horses saw me, they started running as fast as they could... and straight towards the deer. The poor deer didn't know what was going on, so as the herd ran up, the deer just joined them in their run. It was a beautiful sight to see the horses and deer running together. It was also funny as I am sure the deer were wondering, "What is going on?" and, "Where are we going?" As they approached the barn, the deer split off and ran the other way. I will have to start carrying my camera with me more often to capture these moments to share!

Oh the joyful sights to see living on our farm... It was a wonderful way to start the day!


Joy Hall said...

What a wonderful way indeed to start a day!

Vickie said...


What a beautiful sight that must have been!

Love the pictures of your daughter's wedding...what a great setting.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting you to say the deer ran right into the barn. That must have been a wonderful sight. Deer are beautiful animals.

Toni said...

Hi the horse farm! I am looking for a certain product of yours and the contact info was not working is their any other email address that is available? Thank you

Susan Winget said...

Hi Toni! Thank you for your comment. You can email us at or simply ask here as a comment.