Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lowcountry Fun

Hi Friends! Sorry I have not posted in a while... Blogger was acting up last week!

Below are some photos of my husband Al and I on our latest lowcounty getaway...
Al has been training our German Shorthair "Olive" and she has been doing so well!

Checking in on a blue bird nest!

I love the Resurrection Ferns that grow on the beautiful Live Oaks. They create a beautiful green blanket along the limbs...

Being silly... this is my attempt at swinging on the vines!

We love visiting South Carolina's lowcountry whenever we can - it is so beautiful in the Spring!


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful area, and the people are so friendly. I've seen a lot of things growing on trees, but never ferns like that. Thanks for sharing.

Caped Crusader said...

You're a real swinger. =} I have a blog with blogger too. I like the site. Mine is accordingtosuperpig.

Thanks for keep us posted. I love your artwork and have tons of your dinnerwear.