Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grandmother Winget's Quilt

As I may have mentioned before I love quilts and everything about them. I love the fabrics and the patterns. I am amazed by the care that goes into every single stitch and I love them as precious works of art and family heirlooms. I even have the great privilege of designing quilting fabrics!

The quilt featured on this post is one of those treasured family heirlooms - it was pieced together by my mother-in-law and her sister-in law. It was passed down to my cousin Martha Ann who recently gave it to my daughter Erin at her wedding. Even the fabric holds precious memories as it was cut from Momma Fan's old dresses (my husband's grandmother).

I love the cute vintage fabrics!

Erin said this is now her go-to quilt for hanging out around the house. Maybe it reminds her of the love and prayers for her and her husband Jacob that are being sent daily from NC!

And of course our dog Olive had to be the center of attention!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing feels as comforting as an old quilt, she is blessed to have such a treasure.