Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Baby Bear Quilt!

My friend and painter at the studio Mary Beth has just completed another quilting masterpiece! She has made a few of these bear quilts through the years for new babies in her family - the quilts are always so cute and I know they are cherished keepsakes!

This one is extra special because it is for her first granddaughter Keenan who will be here in August! She took the quilt to her son Dave and his wife Sarah last weekend - it matched their nursery perfectly!

Also, a fun little tid-bit about our families... Mary Beth and I were pregnant together with our sons as they were born in the same month. Now, Mac and Dave are both expecting their first children in the same month - and both are having girls! We are all so excited!!


Anonymous said...

Cute! Interesting timing, isn't it?

Sandy said...

I love the baby bear quilt, where did you get the pattern.

Susan Winget said...

Hi Sandy!
Here is what Mary Beth said about the quilt -

Dear Sandy, I designed it myself.....although , years ago I had made one from a pattern I had ordered by mail. When my children started having babies, I remembered it but couldn't find the pattern , so I just kind of made it up using some large tracing paper and doing some experimenting with the size of things....I appliquéd the paws, eyes , nose and bow. This is the 4th one I've done like this for my grandchildren and they are all different ! Good Luck!
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can find the pattern. My grandmother made me one when I was little and I want to make one for my girls,

Susan Winget said...

Hi Denise, Please see the reply from Mary Beth above your message... I hope that helps!
Thank you!