Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Visit with Claude

Claude Monet that is!

Well, not really (obviously)... but Joan, a designer at the studio, recently visited his home and gardens in Giverny! Her daughter Lauren is living in Paris, so she went to visit. Their pictures are so beautiful - see them below, and you too will feel like you have just visited with Claude himself!

I can just picture him gardening and walking around setting up his easel here and there. What a heavenly setup! I have read that he was a master gardener who loved flowers and let them grow untamed into lush, organic landscapes that outgrew their beds and created natural volume around his home. Simply gorgeous!

I know I am feeling very inspired - thank you for sharing your photos Joan!


Anonymous said...

These ARE wonderful pictures. Hard to imagine seeing all that beauty in real life.

Patrice said...

Monet always my most favorite artist. Why of course he was a Master Gardener. The color contrasts are enchanting ~ the parrot tulips are to die for~thanks for sharing