Monday, July 23, 2012

Mary's first Birthday - Her Party on the Farm

Her first birthday fell on a Saturday.  Her mother, Megan, planned and prepared the sweetest and most beautiful backyard party on the farm.  She is so talented and crafty and it could not have been a better afternoon of family members all gathered to celebrate the first year of life of our precious granddaughter, Mary Grace. 

 Here I am with Mary and 2 of her great-grandmothers!
Megan asked that I ink a little tree for family and friends to each stamp their finger print onto as a keepsake of her special day and to remember all who attended!  I loved this idea and I personalized her tree by writing special thoughts and scripture into the tiny branches.  After everyone stamped their love onto her tree, I cleaned up any smears so that it will be ready for her room!

Mac and Megan had pictures made to mark Mary's first birthday and every single one was precious.  We are so blessed.  My husband Al always says, "Shame on us if we don't say that we are blessed EVERYday" and this is so true.  We are truly blessed beyond measure!  God, thank you for Mary. 


NikkiB said...

You have such a beautiful family! I admire the party on the farm, I hope to live on a farm somebody. Did you take most of these pics yourself?

NikkiB said...

Mary is gorgeous! Congrats on your granddaughter turning one. I love the party in the backyard on a farm! Fun and creative.