Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last month I went on the trip of a lifetime!! Al and I hopped on a plane with a few dear friends and headed to northern Italy. My dear friend and art agent Shannon has a sister, Sue, who lives and works with her family in Tuscany. We had talked about going to visit her villa for years... and we finally made it happen! Located halfway between Florence and Siena, Sue's villa - Fattoria Corzano e Paterno - is a beautiful farm rich in history, where her family cares for the land while producing wine, olive oil and sheep cheeses.

We were able to stay in one of their guest houses that they rent through "agriturismo." As lovers of the farm life and history, it was the perfect place for us! We learned about the land and buildings that surrounded us - the main house was built in 1900 as a fortress -  and about their grapes, olive tress, and sheep. Did I mention they also support artists? Currently they have a potter, a knife maker, and a furniture maker living and working on the farm. What a dream come true!

Beautiful views, good wine, delicious cheese, and fabulous friends... what could be better!? We also took some excursions into neighboring areas like Florence, and even travelled by hot air balloon!

I left Italy feeling so inspired. The views, the textures, and the deep ties to the land will certainly make an appearance in my paintings.

Thank you to our friend Shannon for planning this amazing trip. And to Sue and her family for being such wonderful hosts!!



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I love the colors, the warmth, the scenery--everything is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Looking at your pictures took me back to Tuscany. My husband and I went there in 2009 for our 40th anniversary, what a trip of a lifetime! Can't wait to see what you paint from your memories of Italy!

Anonymous said...

A dream trip!