Friday, August 17, 2007

Empty Nest?? - NEVER!!

This morning Al and I woke up extremely early to make a trip to Boone, North Carolina. The mountains up there are so beautiful! The trek was not for vacation though; it was to move our youngest child, Sam, into Appalachian State University for his freshman year. Having made similar trips in the past with my older children, I knew that it would be a trip of mixed emotions. The feelings of joy and pride as Sam embarked on a new chapter in his life were familiar, as were the sad goodbyes said with heavier hearts – which never gets any easier, even for the third time!

Al and I returned home thinking we were officially "empty-nesters." But, just as everything seemed a little quieter, I heard our dog Scout playing in the kitchen and the pigs squealing down the hill from our house. Then my daughter Erin called and asked to bring friends over for a barbeque. So, I guess our nest isn't that "empty" after all… and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! -Susan

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