Sunday, September 2, 2007

Appalachian’s Big Victory

What an exciting day for football! Today our beloved Appalachian State University beat Michigan University, 34 to 32. Al and I are not alumni ourselves (Go Tarheels!) but we have supported ASU for several years as it is our oldest son Mac’s alma mater and where our youngest son Sam is currently a freshman. Sam was at school watching the game at a local pizza place and from the sound of it, the place was packed with screaming Mountaineer fans! I know this because he agreed to call us every few minutes with updates, since we were unable to find a broadcast of the game ourselves. Of course Al and I spent the afternoon by the phone, anxiously waiting for the play-by-play. It was an intense game! I agreed with the newscaster who called it a “David versus Goliath” event as our boys were practically unknowns playing at the largest collegiate stadium in the country, among thousands of Michigan fans. As it came to the final minutes of the game, Al was able to find a scratchy radio broadcast of the game. The two of us gathered closely on the edge of our seats as we heard Appalachian block a 37 yard field goal attempt to win the game! We were already celebrating when Sam called to give us the news. Hoarse from cheering, he stayed to celebrate the victory with his friends and meet the team as their buses returned to campus. It is such an exciting way for Sam to kick-off his first year at ASU, I know it is a game he will never forget!


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