Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day Quilt

As many of you know, my daughter Erin moved to Michigan this year to work for The World Race. She and her friends found a woman to take sewing lessons from and she completed her first quilt not long ago. She did an amazing job and it is beautiful!
Last weekend, Erin came home to North Carolina and gave her first quilt to me as a Mother's Day gift! I will cherish it always as a precious gift of the heart.

Susan Winget's Mother's Day Quilt 2010 from susan winget on Vimeo.


Janina said...

I love your new quilt, and the video so beautifully captures some sweet mother/daughter moments!! I am looking forward to meeting you some day, and hopefully your quilt will be a little more worn-in the next time I see it! :)
- Erin's quilting partner.

Barb T said...

A beautiful gift from daughter to mom - loved the photo show too!

Barb T said...

A beautiful gift from daughter to mom. Loved the photo show!

Joy said...

This video is beautiful and very touching. What a lovely gift from a daughter to a mother.