Monday, May 17, 2010

Nesting on the Farm

Not long ago, Al and I discovered a killdeer nest on the farm. Killdeer are a very interesting bird. They get their name from their distinctive call, have you ever heard "kill-deer!" being screeched from above? They also play a wonderful trick on their predators. If they see an animal coming for their nest, they will move away from the nest, stick one wing up in the air, and flounder around like they are injured. Then the predator will go after them, thinking they are an easy target, instead of going after the nest. Clever birds!!
There isn't very much "nesting" to their nests, either. They like to lay their eggs on gravel - with a very thin lining of grass. So, the gravel path outside of our barn, with grass sprouts and hay, made a perfect spot for them. With all of the daily activity around our barn, we've had to be really careful not to disturb the eggs!

I'll keep you updated on the baby killdeer - they should be hatching soon!

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