Friday, April 1, 2011

Visiting Mrs. Winget

Last week, Erin and Jacob came to Charlotte and we all went to visit my mother-in-law who now lives in an assisted living community. She was unable to come to the wedding so this was a very important visit for Erin to share all of the wedding day events and pictures with her grandmother. It was so sweet to see their shared joy on this day. We also brought some of the Jumpin' Java cupcakes to share with her, the nurses, and other residents - yum! It was a very special day!


Patti said...

Lovely family photo. Thanks for sharing!

Joy Hall said...

What a sweet and important thing for Erin and Jacob to have done! And what a special day for your mother-in-law.

BTW: your painting of the church is amazing! Love the "feel" of it.