Monday, April 18, 2011

A Wedding Weekend in San Francisco

This past weekend I had the great privilege of taking a trip to San Francisco with Jeannie to attend her sister-in-law and my friend's wedding. Congratulations Lynn and Roy! The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time touring around the city as well. Here are some photos I wanted to share with you all!

First we did some sightseeing and took a ferry across the bay. It was such a beautiful day! We had a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and also got to see Alcatraz.
At the ferry station we stumbled upon a wonderful farmer's market!
We had lunch on a beautiful outdoor patio. I loved the painted table!
This patio plant was looking a little rough (poor thing!) but the pot was beautiful.
And our little seagull friend was waiting for us to drop something for him... or maybe he was posing for our next beach painting??
Here I am with Jeannie at this amazing wine shop that was also an art gallery - the perfect spot for us!
And here are some photos of the happy couple - it was a beautiful, intimate ceremony and I feel so blessed to have been a part of the celebration!
It was an absolutely beautiful weekend in every way!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely area for a trip. Thanks for taking us along. Oh, I could definitely see some of those items showing up in your artwork.

Joy Hall said...

How nice that your were able to make the trip. I love the fruit (such vibrant color), cheese market...and who could resist a wine shop/art gallery?

I get so much inspiration from farmer's markets. I just bet you do too!