Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

Al and I spent last weekend at Bray's and I wanted to share a few photos from our nature walk with Bruce. He is the resident naturalist on the island and we always learn so much from our time exploring with him.
First we checked on the blue bird nests - aren't these eggs beautiful!?
Did you know that blue bird feathers are not actually blue? They are grey, but the light reflections make them appear blue. Also we learned that it is only an old wives tale that mother birds will abandon nests if they are touched.... not to worry!
There are so many beautiful blooms this time of year! We saw iris and wild azalea (pictured above) as well as trillium, jack in the pulpit and other flowering plants. Of course there were butterflies fluttering around too!
We also saw some skinks! These are large lizards, that kind
of look like snakes with little legs. Our German shorthair, Olive, caught one and popped the tail off... can you find the tail in the below picture?

It was a wonderful weekend of inspiration! You may see some of the above pictures in future sketchbook paintings... well, maybe not the skink!

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Anonymous said...

So that's what a skink looks like. The flowers are so pretty this time of year...or is it just that we've waited so long for them to appear? I know you'll make beautiful art from these.