Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Give them a Valentine Centerpiece!

Celebrating Home has a wonderful item called a Gratitude Tree... I just love this idea! It is made to tie little thoughts of gratitude to as a home dec piece.

Why not turn it into a living Valentine this year!? Rummage through your craft drawers and pull out any scraps of different pink and red papers, cut out paper hearts of various sizes and write the names of those who you hold dear! Then tie them to your Gratitude Tree! What a beautiful expression of love this Valentine's Day for all to see! Now, let's see who can get the most hearts on their tree!! Let me know!


Rose Mary said...

Love this idea! The Gratitude Tree should be out every day. Keep sharing ideas for each holiday or season!
Love your art!!

Anonymous said...

put pics of your children or grandchildren on the hearts