Sunday, January 29, 2012

My signing at Jo-Anns!

Below are a few pictures from my signing at the new Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store in Charlotte, NC. It was a very special day of meeting, greeting, sketching, and chatting. I had a blast!

Very rarely do I have the chance to do art demonstrations during signings. It was fun to share some of my newest paintings in the early stages of sketching and base paint. My hands like to stay busy so I was in my element!

Meeting so many artistic and crafty people was such an inspiration!

My studio also came out for the signing. Here I am with Mary Beth and Joan. Mary Beth's granddaughter Keenan even stopped by to say hello!

And what would we do without Denise!?? Thank you for helping to arrange this wonderful day!

Stephanie made a great video montage of the day :)

Thank you to everyone at Jo-Anns and thank you to all of you who stopped by to say hello!


Darlene Gerber said...

Susan, I have come late to the party and cannot find any yardage of Provence Bordeaux pouring wine or grapes on scroll. Any chance you know of anyone with it in their stash? I really love this fabric!!

Susan Winget said...

Hi Darlene! Have you checked with Jo-Ann Fabric stores in your area? Or on their website?

Sorry - we do not keep fabrics to sell out of the studio. This fabric is only being sold by Jo-Anns, so I don't know of anywhere else to find it.

Best of luck in your search!