Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Erin's Send-Off Party

Sunday afternoon we had a gathering of friends on the farm to wish our daughter Erin a safe journey and to give her an opportunity to say many goodbyes as she prepares to leave for the Philippines and her 11 month World Race missions tour, this Friday. It was a perfect day for an outdoor event, a tribute to the last day of summer. Erin wanted a simple drop-in under the trees in front of the house to remind her of the times spent in that very place with her grandparents growing up. The oak trees that we planted around the time Erin was born are now large, beautiful trees that offer a wonderful, shady space for friendly get-togethers like this one. Tables were set-up and delicious homemade treats to share were brought by many friends. Everyone pitched in to make this day so very special for us all! We spent the afternoon laughing and crying with family and friends as Erin thanked so many people for the prayers and awesome amount of support they have shown her as she prepared for her trip over the past several months. It was so touching for me to see the wide variety of people that came – little children, friends from college, and elders of our church to name a few. These arepeople that have shaped her life and are now empowering, and even pushing her to reach out in the same way to others as her pilgrimage begins.
It was easy to feel God’s presence as so much love was poured over our family. I ask for continued prayers for Erin as she will begin her journey soon, and also ask for many prayers as we will all have to say tearful goodbyes to Erin in just a few days. It will be hard to let her go but I know God will bless Erin, her team, and so many others she will encounter during the next year. This journey is sure to be a wonderful blessing for Erin and our family as we share her with the world!

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