Monday, September 29, 2008

The World Race Begins!

Our daughter, Erin, has begun her 11-month world missions tour through the World Race. She left on Saturday morning, flying through LA and Hong Kong, on her way to the Philippines. During her layover at the LAX airport, she accessed the internet and posted a picture of herself and some of the other team members she met there. It was so good to hear from her already! She was “all smiles” and seemed very excited to be meeting up with her team and finally getting started on the journey they have been preparing for all these months. Al and I are also very excited for her as the trip begins. We have been looking up information online about the Philippines, where she will be stationed for the first month. It is a beautiful country – did you know that it is comprised of over 7,000 islands? I know we will be learning a lot about the world this year as we track all of the countries where Erin will be working. Below is a video Erin taped last week before she left. Also, click here to visit Erin’s World Race blog.

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