Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Studio Retreat

Wow, it has been a busy week! Not much time for blogging... but I have a very fun update from my weekend to share with you now. Al and I took all of the ladies from my studio down to Bray's Island. A time to relax, enjoy one another's company... and to be inspired by South Carolina's beautiful lowcountry!

Enjoy some of our pictures from the weekend below!

Our first stop was the rookery. If you look closely across the water you will see all of the birds that have built their nests. The trees were covered! You can also tell that our weather was gorgeous all weekend!

Using our binoculars, we were able to get a better view of the great egrets, snowy egrets, herons, blue herons, and moorhens... just to name a few!

A great egret (yellow beak, black toes) watching over her nest and a snowy egret (black beak, yellow toes) below.

Using the scope we were able to get a great view of the birds, nests, and the fluffy little babies! Here Audrey demonstrates how to use the scope when winking-impaired :)

A great egret watching over her nest right after we saw a heron swoop in and steal one of her sticks.

Great egret babies - they were playing and pecking at each other like true siblings!

Joan and Beckie at dinner our first night.

Of course we brought our Olive along. She loves Brays as much as we do!

Stephanie, up early to ride bikes around the Island!

We spent one day in Beaufort, SC... and on our way stopped by Old Sheldon Church. This is where Erin and Jacob were married!

Group shot in front of Old Sheldon!

Stephanie and Joan enjoying the view in Beaufort.

We went on a historical carriage ride... of course I had to say hello to our horse, Newman :)

Everyone pitched in to make a beautiful dinner back at the house...

 It was a beautiful weekend... our artistic juices are officially recharged!

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Anonymous said...

Great place for a retreat. What a blessing that must be for all of you. Loved seeing the white fluff in the nest.