Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mary Beth Celebrates a New Family Tradition

Whenever we have a new line of products at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, we always try to make a studio trip to see everything and enjoy a nice lunch together, too! There are so many cute items in the Old Country Store we hardly ever return to the studio empty handed! One of my dear friends and studio painters, Mary Beth, purchased the Celebrate cake tray when it came out a couple of months ago and has now started a new family tradition. Everyone in her family passes around the cake tray for special gatherings and celebrations. It has already been used for a few birthdays and her niece has even used it for a bridal shower! I love family traditions and think it is wonderful to have a unique serving dish that will take on special meaning of its own as it becomes a part of so many fun family memories.


Jacquelynne said...

That looks like a really fun cake plate- no wonder everyone wants to use it!

charmaine said...

hello! i actually purchased this lovely cake plate and cookie jar a couple of months ago on ebay.i just had to have it. my purpose also is to pass it around and use it for my family birthday gatherings. i love the little dangling decorations.this celebration set is so whimsical and fun,i love it! thank you for such a wonderful creation.


Angela said...

I would love to purchase this line, it is so cute! Is it being sold anywhere besides the Cracker Barrell Old Country Store? There isn't a Cracker Barrel near me. Thanks so much!!!

Susan Winget said...

Hi Angela,
So glad you like the Celebrate program! This program is exclusive to Cracker Barrel so you might have to make a road trip soon! Sorry for the inconvenience. Some items can be found to order on their website:
Take care!

Carrie said...

My husband just broke my mom's cake plate last night after promising to take good care of it if we could borrow it (it's her favorite). It is no longer on the Cracker Barrel website. Where could I find one now? Please help!

Susan Winget said...

Hi Carrie,

Please send your question in an email to and my staff will try to help you, best they can.

Thank you!