Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Weekend for Celebrating

For my oldest son Mac’s 30th birthday he wanted to get everyone in the family together. So, last weekend we all headed down to Brays! It was such a treat to have everyone there together. We spent the weekend sitting, talking, and just enjoying each other.

Erin made waffles for breakfast using my mother’s OLD waffle iron! Happy 1st anniversary, Erin & Jacob!

(go braves!!)

We had many thing to celebrate! Along with Mac's 30th and Erin and Jacob's 1st, we also celebrated Megan and Lauren's birthdays! Here is a picture of our youngest son Sam and his girlfriend Lauren.

Here is Al in the field where Olive LOVES to run!!

Here is Erin with her horse Gusto - he lives down in Florida with her now.

And of course, our granddaughter Mary was the center of attention all weekend!


Joy Hall said...

You have a beautiful family!

Susan Winget said...

Thank you, Joy!

Rita said...

You really have a wonderful family! such fun getting them all together!