Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I love about Beckie...

This morning I am so excited to introduce one of my favorite people - Beckie! Having been friends for a long time, I was so fortunate to have her became a part of the Winget Art family almost ten years ago.

Beckie is an amazing woman with many talents. Without her the studio would not run as smoothly as it does. She performs all kinds of tasks from preparing presentation boards and scheduling appointments to serving refreshments - and all with a wonderful spirit! Her quick wit and humor give us all a fresh perspective on whatever task is at hand. I often describe Beckie as my right - and my left - hand woman!

Beckie is a wonderful hostess and cook, a talented wedding director at our church, and she loves her family dearly. An amazing daughter and mother, she is always there for her parents, 2 sons, and daughter-in-law. Being a true care-giver is definitely one of her spiritual gifts. She took care of her husband, Rob, with her whole heart and is the kind of friend anyone would be so fortunate to have. I am always amazed by Beckie's bright outlook and perspective during even the toughest of times. She handles every situation with grace and always thinks of others before herself. I think it all begins with her faith.

The studio benefits everyday from Beckie's amazing eye for decor. She keeps us decorated for every holiday and arranges all of our product displays.

Beckie is also in charge of a very important task that keeps the studio happy -
serving refreshments every afternoon!

(no we don't have as many refreshments as you see above EVERY day...)

Here she is with her family at her son's wedding - it was a beautiful celebration!

I can't write this post without mentioning her love for our four-legged friends... Beckie loves hunting dogs and has a very special one at home named Lucy. Here is Lucy with her best pal, Beckie's late husband Rob. This dog always has and always will live the good life!!

A quick interview with Beckie -

What is your favorite part of working at Winget Art?
The people I work with and the people I get to meet - I also enjoy serving refreshments!

Do you have a favorite Susan Winget Product?
I love the Keller Charles melamine collections - especially the beach themes. I also love all of the Enchante boxes at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Decorating Tip?
I like to use something old with something new or modern. This is a tip my son Eric gave me!

Best Advice you've been given?
Always try your best!

Thank you for sharing yourself everyday, Beckie. Your friendship is so very dear to me. I love you!!



These stories just keep getting better, Susan. I'm falling in love with your whole crew!

Susan Winget said...

Thank you, Beth! I am truly blessed by all of them :) It has been so fun to share their stories this week!

Cathy Grant said...

Susan, thank for the wonderful words about Beckie. She is blessed to have you as her co-worker but also her friend. She is a wonderful sister to me and I am blessed to have in my life!

Eric Ennis said...

Susan, Mom loves being part of you're crew and couldn't ask for better people to work with! She is a wonderful mother to all of us and we couldn't ask for a better MOM!!! Love you Mom.

Debbie Sutton said...

Susan, our lives wouldn't be the same without Beckie! She is one of the sweetest ladies I know. She is always there for everybody and taking care of us "Steele Creek Girls"! We love her and love you, too.

Joye Byrum said...

Well said Susan! Beckie has also been my friend for a very long time. We all depend on Beckie to keep us start...and that is a tough job sometimes! You are lucky to have her and she is also very lucky to have you. Love, Joye Byrum

Joye Byrum said...

Well said Susan!! I have also been friends with Beckie for along time. We can always count on her to keep us straight...and sometimes that is a tough job! You are very lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you. Love you Beckie!!