Monday, February 20, 2012

What I love about Audrey...

Last, but certainly NOT least is our Audrey! I could not think of a sweeter way to end up our week of the Wonderful Women of Winget Art!

Audrey came to work with us as a college intern (from UNC, of course!) and everyone loved her from the first day. I mean really, who couldn't love this face!?

She made herself essential to the studio because not only is she an extremely talented painter, but also an amazing artist on the computer! Audrey has a feel for the layout of fabric design and the many other products. She truly understands how this business works.

Audrey has been given the gift of words, and we always call on her to write verse and thoughts for us. For example, she wrote the verses for the "Blessings" calendar. Her communication skills are such an asset in talking with clients and her note-taking skills are something we have all come to depend on! It is a true treasure to find a young woman who is so creative AND organized and efficient!

When Audrey's husband left for divinity school, we decided she could work from Boston, and now Dallas! This works because of who Audrey is, so devoted and trustworthy. Every morning, as my team gathers around our "meeting table" and we have our standard morning meeting, Audrey is there with us. In spirit and through FaceTime! We still get to see her sweet face every morning while we discuss what jobs need to be done!

And did I mention her great sense of humor??

A quick interview with Audrey:

When & How did you start working with Susan?

I had always heard about my friend CherylAnne's Aunt Susan who was an artist. I grew up in the same church Susan did - her Dad was one of my Sunday School teachers! It was not until college that I finally met Susan and visited her studio as an intern for 2 summers. I fell in love with the artists and the industry - it felt like going home. When Susan offered me a full time position in 2007, I packed up and moved back to Charlotte as quickly as I could!

What's your favorite part of working at Winget Art?

Everyday I look forward to our morning meeting. As a long-distance employee living in Texas, I call in every morning with FaceTime and it gives me a chance to see and talk with everyone at the studio. It is a special time to not only organize our workload, but also share stories and inspirations from our lives outside the studio.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Morning walks with my husband Scott and our dog Doxology, painting, trying new recipes, and hanging out with good friends.

What is your favorite Decorating Tip?

Put art on your walls!!! As a longtime, short-term renter who has lived with many a white wall, I see artwork as an easy way to make a space feel like home. Even better - make your own art to display! My collection of paintings have been a great way to take my decor with me wherever I go! :0)

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

"Always know that you are loved." My grandmother always says this to me. It's a simple message that carries so much weight - it should be shared with everyone!

She is the future of my studio! I love you, Audrey!

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